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CBD gummies are the most famous CBD product, period! The reasons are their taste; they have tons of delicious flavors, and they are easy to consume. Newbies love these edibles as they can easily consume them and enjoy their benefits and taste. Being a CBD gummy affiliate, you can easily sell them to a wider audience because the low-potency gummies are useful for everyone.

So, while you enjoy consuming them, share them with your public, earn money, and let them enjoy the benefits too. Here are the top brands offering the best CBD gummy affiliate programs:

1. JustCBD Affiliate Program

JustCBD CBD Gummies Affiliate Program homepage image

About JustCBD Affiliate Program

The JustCBD Affiliate Program offers a lucrative way to monetize CBD-related traffic. Affiliates can earn significant commissions promoting top-tier products like Just CBD Gummies and CBD Oil Tincture. Benefits include high conversion rates, a variety of promotional materials, and dedicated affiliate support. The program is an ideal opportunity for bloggers, influencers, and CBD enthusiasts who want to earn from their network while promoting high-quality, trusted CBD products.

JustCBD Affiliate Program Pros
  • 18% commission per sale
  • Access to top-rated CBD products
  • Unique and custom affiliate links
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Access to new releases
  • Quick promotions

2. MoonWlkr Affiliate Program

Moonwlkr CBD Gummies Affiliate Program Homepage Image

About MoonWlkr Affiliate Program

MoonWlkr Affiliate is an exclusive program connecting enthusiasts with high-quality CBD offerings. Their star product, CBD gummies, offers an unparalleled therapeutic experience.
Affiliates gain from competitive commissions, premium support, and real-time tracking. Providing accessibility to exceptional CBD items while fostering a fruitful partnership, MoonWlkr Affiliate is the bridge between holistic wellness and financial reward. Be a part of this dynamic synergy today!

Moonwlkr Affiliate Program Pros
  • 15% starting commission
  • Exclusive graphics for content promotion
  • Pre-made tracking links and graphics
  • Easy to join
  • Quick access to all CBD products
  • Infused with award-winning terpenes

3. JustDelta Store Affiliate Program

JustDelta CBD Gummies Affiliate Program Homepage image

About JustDelta Store Affiliate Program

JustDelta Store is highly regarded for its premium CBD offerings. Their top-selling products include quality CBD oils, gummies, and creams, appreciated for their purity and potency.

Joining the JustDelta affiliate program offers numerous benefits, such as attractive commissions, a supportive team, comprehensive tracking tools, and regular payouts, making it a profitable opportunity for those seeking to collaborate with a respected brand in the CBD industry.

JustDelta Store Affiliate Program Pros
  • Wholesale affiliate program
  • Excellent affiliate support
  • Up to 25% starting commission
  • Extra discounts for affiliates
  • You are ready to earn within 72 hours
  • Quick payouts

4. TRĒ House Affiliate Program

TrE House CBD Gummies Affiliate Program Homepage image

About TRĒ House Affiliate Program

TRĒ House, a renowned brand in the CBD industry, stands tall for its superior-quality CBD products, especially its signature CBD oils and capsules. Their products, derived from organically grown hemp, promise exceptional wellness benefits.

By becoming a TRĒ House Affiliate, individuals have the opportunity to earn attractive commissions, receive comprehensive support, and enjoy exclusive access to new product launches, allowing them to be part of the flourishing CBD market.

TRĒ House Affiliate Program Pros
  • Highest commission rates
  • 20-50% per sale based on your affiliate marketing experience
  • Excellent affiliate support
  • High-quality CBD products
  • Worldwide affiliate program
  • Automatic tracking system

5. PureKana Affiliate Program

PureKana CBD Gummies Affiliate Program Homepage image

About PureKana Affiliate Program

PureKana is a reputable CBD brand known for its quality products, such as gummies, oils, capsules, and topical solutions. These CBD items are lauded for their effectiveness, offering therapeutic benefits like anxiety relief and pain management.

Their Affiliate Program provides affiliates with an excellent opportunity, offering competitive commission rates, high conversion rates, comprehensive tracking tools, and a dedicated support team to help maximize potential earnings.

PureKana Affiliate Program Pros
  • 25% starting commission
  • Custom links for websites and social media platforms
  • Unique tracking links and banners
  • Commission levels increase as you sell more
  • 90-day cookie duration
  • Creative images to promote sales
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